Says goodbye year 2013 in tune with the Cuban Radio

The city looks a bit different, for although no one escapes the traditional piece of meat, city dwellers prefer to book at a restaurant or stay at home enjoying family company throughout the year engaged in tasks showed different avatars.

So that almost all plan activities for 31 many days before the date, and the Cuban Radio no slouch in the festivities. Maybe it was not just days that catered for the Cuban family has among its options to tune the stations , but the satisfaction spare in the faces of those men and women who are part of the hustle and bustle which means at a table writing a cabin or a recording studio , planning the program schedule .

“In Radio Taino have all tempered the celebrations for the new year from the 15th of December with propaganda messages and programs which refer to the date . But December 31 will be special programming, space A buena hora broadcasting normally from 2:00 to 16:00, this time extend its hours to five, which meant closer to your audience on a date as special, “said Daniel Marin, Head of programming at the station, while further explained that El exitazo de 5 a 7 with a hit parade that will run annually until nine at night.

“All programs will live. Just when the bell rings at El Morro, will begin a special musical that aims to encourage all to celebrate until one in the morning of the first of January. Obviously no shortage of common information spaces that are also in tune with the date, so as also the program Hablando de Cuba program devoted his minutes drive to the customs of the Cubans to year, “the Head of Programming the FM of Cuba .

Submit classics of all time and the desire to invite each musical dream proposal is the fundamental premise that accompanies the filmmakers of Radio Enciclopedia on the day of celebrations for the coming to an end in 2013. “We intend to hold the magazines in vivo, in the case of spaces Ola Aurora and Album de melodias will extend their hours broadcasts with musical offerings allegorical to date and where Cuban music is the ” highlight ” in each program, as we usually by this date, “said Maite Ramirez, assistant director of programming at the station for all moments of life.

Meanwhile from Radio Rebelde on December 31 , as Orestes Torres Aliaga , Head of Programming at the station, becoming ” quality programming and variety , which will prevail best of artistic creation of our music as well as the reflection of the daily performance of all Cubans . “

Orestes also reported that in its transmission time reflect the cultural program Asi the most important of the year 2013, especially the last week of December and early January. The cinema, books , fine arts , Dance, Music , Theater , Identity and Heritage , will be present in this space will also be entertained by various musical offerings and will have four hours until eight night .

“One of the most striking proposals for this December 31 will , without doubt , the End of Year Special Program with the staff of program Estaciones  and lasts five hours where the radio producers say will be a great space to wait by to the new year radio, said ” Orestes Torres chief of programming of the radio station.

With typically intentional programming for enjoyment and joy in family arrives this December 31 station Radio Progreso end of year with all Cubans and common spaces that undoubtedly can sneak into their homes in the hope of arriving at 2014 frequencies near the station of the Cuban family.

Just eight in the morning of Tuesday 31 December program Juventud 2000 2000 in a primetime four hours and with national and international music hits of 2013. Alegrias de Sobremesa also expanded its broadcasts to an hour with a guest orchestra first level space sections maintain the usual humorous enriched to reflect the occasion and also the preparations for the Cuban family for the celebration.

From 1p.m. becoming a special dance music program with Cuban and foreign music , greetings, reports tuning , congratulations , promotions and messages for the new anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution, until three o’clock to begin Discoteca Popular with three hours and most popular as far as music is concerned in 2013 . You reach the end of the day and the station of the Cuban family proposes a dance music program waiting for the 1st of January, with Cuban and foreign music, greetings, reports tuning, congratulations, promotions and messages for the new anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.

Various attractive and instructive especially all proposals will be to say goodbye to 2013 proposes the Cuban Radio. The filmmakers , directors , journalists , broadcasters, music technicians , and everyone who in one way or another hide behind every word and musical note , and who only ask as the only condition pleasure to get together in homes and fire 2013 receive the 2014 and celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Revolution.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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