Fidel in the heart of Romerillo neighborhood

Somehow he confessed to this writer – achieve motivation and general interest in artistic environment, planting and developing cultural values in the village were also the dream of those young rebels led by Fidel.
In the same corner of the 7th and 120 – a little after 9:00 pm, when artists, intellectuals and citizens Romerillo gathered at the entrance of the community project for the unveiling of a commemorative plaque by the historic date, appeared before all assembled, the best around the Corner: Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

There was applause, cheers, excitement and many cheers. The faces of children, youth, adults, elders were shocked when, through the glass of the car window, distinguished the unmistakable profile of our Commander in the heart of one of the poorest neighborhoods of the Cuban capital.

The first meeting held once within the Project Study Romerillo social utility Kcho (Laboratory for art ) , was on the Board of Martha Machado art gallery designed as an educational community museum where the exhibits – plus artworks domestic and foreign – workshops will be taught art appreciation to children and adolescents .

Fidel came with slow steps but insurance for this exposure Lam, are essential, extensive collection of original works of the most universal of Cuban painters.

And she was amidst boxes Lam, those that evoke , African, Caribbean Chinese origins and are associated with the human, animal, vegetable and divine, Fidel began to talk about their concerns, to ask, to comment and make known , in particular the work of journalists and Telesur Venezuela ceremony at the 55th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution.

With the same clarity as always , made references to his past readings, to environmental issues , epidemics and diseases consuming society , in search of information on websites and preferences, and the importance of people to be informed about everything that happens around you and around the world.

Then toured the exhibition The Thinker, Kcho, located in La Nave, space for contemporary art that also holds the Commander of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque library (which has all the necessary means and resources for the study) , the Experimental Workshop Figure Romerillo , and Tocororo theater room .

Little more than an hour in Romerillo shared Fidel as he toured the facilities of the Laboratory. Its creator artist said with a smile sketched, that he did not tell his impressions because it would spoil, but actually seemed very good project. Before leaving gave him a book, The Strategic Victory, and gave him a beautiful message: ” To Kcho genius of culture and education, with sincere appreciation for the nobility who devotes his life to the happiness of others “.

On departure, greeted the people on the street agglomerate and left in the present joy and good taste of witnessing a historic moment, to see him, greet him and, again, thank you.

Romerillo history has changed. A transformation and rehabilitation of physical spaces , the insertion of this new cultural, educational and social center doomed to human betterment , now proudly add their residents visit the Commander , a presence that surely will not forget the noble and legitimate purposes that prompted the birth of Laboratory Kcho those to which it referred in this newspaper a few months ago : “Culture and community can go hand in hand is not enough to show art, there are many ways to overlap for influencing positively. And real way in social life ( … ) but this is not a magic act , is an act of work , determination and perseverance . “


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