Trinidad: well worth the cult of its 500 anniversary

The city is up to the millennium , and so, from a long time ago many of its residents , especially those living in its historic center and other sites of heritage value also have seen how gradually been restored or improved building facades and various buildings , parks and squares , plus paved over thirty streets.

In a recent exchange with the press, president of the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power in Sancti Spiritus, Teresita Romero reported that the amount of work performed on, in the context of half a millennium, the town of Trinity amounted to more than 40 million pesos.
Of that total , he said, most of it has allocated to road or mountain interiors, works related to the development of tourism objects hydraulic comprehensive rehabilitation program that city and outlying towns and heritage buildings .

In the latter group excel the states of Guáimaro and San Isidro de los Destiladeros belonging to the heritage of the Sugar Mills Valley.

Let´s recall that the conservation and restoration work undertaken by specialists in this area of south central Cuba , and who profess to love the city its inhabitants, have enabled it one of the best preserved colonial cities not only the country but also of America.

Thus in 1988 the UNESCO inscribed on the List of World Heritage Site near the Sugar Mills Valley, an area where the sugar industry flourished with the arrival of Iznagas , Borrell and Brunet families to the mid-nineteenth century.

The truth is that the Office of the Curator of the City and the Valley of the Sugar Mills , the government and other local authorities have had little rest in recent months because the huge and complex actions , which have also been involved entities and agencies , social and mass organizations and self-employed , especially when there are hundreds of families who rent homes and provide multiple services to tourism.

The Romantic Museum or Brunet Palace or has been part of the larger investments , and throughout this colossal effort worth – noting its impact social improvement of street lighting , removal of leaks , the road veneers , placement of signs, the work of sanitation and disposal of garbage dumps .

The aptly named “City Museum of the Caribbean” arrived in its 500th anniversary with new investments to expand and diversify the tourist offer , in order to capture a large number of foreign visitors and enjoy your stay there much , explained to Cuban journalists, acting Chief Minister of Tourism in Sancti Spiritus Ridel Farias.

Convergence in Trinidad than in the historic city dweller stage itself , with nature – there is the natural landscape protected Topes de Collantes , and the sun and beach destination on the Ancon Peninsula, multiply the highlights of the financial city, a five between 2013 and 2015 met five centuries founded.

These days of festivities on Grand Hotel Iberostar Trinidad, Las Cuevas and resort facilities nestled in the Ancon Peninsula are beautifully decked out in reference to the half millennium of the charming village, so streets, parks, squares and other spaces are public.

The Culture Week, which this time will include the First Culinary Festival City, will be the culmination of the celebrations will continue until January 18.

The program will include performances and presentations of artists and musical groups of the territory and outside it , allegorical awards to date competitions , art exhibitions and symposia to discuss how bequeath , for another 500 years, with much love and dedication today Cubans enjoy and tens of thousands of foreign tourists each year when visiting the City Museum of the Caribbean .

Well worth a cult of its half millennium.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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