CELAC, an organization created in Caracas

Thus, was emerged the first organization of 33 countries in the area, without the presence or mentoring or other U.S. hegemonic power.

The event was appreciated by Fidel Castro, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, as the most important institutional event in the region in a century.
Important was the influence exerted by the Bolivarian President Hugo Chavez, sadly died in March 2013, at the birth of this mechanism.

Venezuela Summit was a foundational event in which 23 papers on key issues -including the special place occupied by the Caracas Action Plan, in addition to procedures and regulations of organic functioning of the Community were approved.

Fighting and collaboration especially against hunger and poverty, the development of sectors such as energy, transport, telecommunications, environment, and food security are key contents of the agreements of the heads of state and government.

Those texts are added relative to the total elimination of nuclear weapons, fight terrorism and the solution to the drug problem.

Special statement in defense of democracy and constitutional order firm opposed to coups in the region, and a brief in support of sustainable development of member nations of CELAC was also initialed.

It also issued special statements about the right of Argentina to the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, solidarity with Haiti, and the necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. against Cuba .

The founding of CELAC Summit ended with the Declaration of Caracas, whose title advances the common position of the 33 member leaders: “In the bicentenary of the independence struggle, to the path of our Liberators.”

The paper is built on the basis of great historical commitment to advance the unit in perfect balance with diversity, and respect the right of each nation to build in peace and freely their own political and economic system.

Also considers the collective decision to jump-start the new mechanism for political consultation and incorporated into the Declaration of Caracas Action Plan to realize the defense of integration, cooperation, complementarily and solidarity.

The text also refers to holding summit meetings in the member republics of the troika who chairs the Community character pro tempore: Chile, home to the start of these quotes, in late January 2013, and the first country front of the organization, Cuba, and Costa Rica.

Deserved recognition to the Caribbean accounted for the decision to extend the troika with the inclusion of Haiti, which held the first of last January its 210 years of independence.

In this sister nation witnessed the first successful revolution in the region, and the only victory of black slaves in the world, reminded President Raul Castro in the act 55th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, in the heroic city of Santiago.

Precisely in Cuba, which currently holds the rotating presidency, will be the II Summit of CELAC, in January this year, at which time it will transfer the command to Costa Rica.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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