CMBF Radio Station advocates for digitalization and scientific research

One of the topics discussed revolved around removing Mar4win system from the  CMBF broadcasting network  due to the obsolescence of the version used in this system of automation, management and broadcasting, whose upgrading would result very expensive to the nation .

Concerning this matter, Calixto Rodriguez said: “Mar4win is used in the main stations of the world for its many advantages and because with it can be created, edited and emitted sounds, text and patterns that can organize the regular work of a radio station. However; due to its high price and because the latest versions available in Cuba are from 2000, it can’t be used any longer.”

On his part, Professor and sound producer Ernesto Lopez said that digitization has come to disrupt and diminish the artistic work of the station: “We cannot hold back the progress, but I miss the analog era, when I gained all the skills I have used to do a better job today.”

Other topic of discussion was the cataloging of phonograph of the station, by a group of specialists headed said Dr. Escudero; and the presence of CMBF in social networks as well as the  formulas to increase the audience on that platform of the Internet, based on a research by the young assistant news editor Ernesto Guerra.

On social networks, Ernesto said: “It is increasingly important to include the radio on this platform, and within, the radio station of the Cuban music to socialize content generated on the web and in the traditional broadcasting  through online radio. “

” This requires using every one of the tools so the message be effective,” said the journalist.

This annual event aims to promote the CMBF’s results in terms of research and implementation of technological changes, to stimulate the inventiveness of their employees and to encourage the search for new solutions to the problems facing the station as to preserving the musical heritage of the nation.


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