Radio Rebelde: the voice of truth

Then, its director, Captain Luis Orlando Rodriguez, read an editorial related to the proclamation of independence of 24 February 1895, and the foundation of guerrilla station.

In one of his first comments, the station and define its editorial: “Radio Rebelde appears to contribute to the necessary and useful guidance of the people at this critical time of the country, to make known the true intent of this struggle and to encourage and practice virtue wherever you are. Also for gathering and living in love and passion for truth as Marti said. “

And the Cuban people put his ear to that proposal Marti preaching truth and absolute fact. At the transmitter site, in risky transferred to the Sierra Maestra, was the heart of the country.

Radio Rebelde was a challenge for mass media, mostly acting as messengers of the ruling bourgeoisie. Breaking all the canons, this Radio Rebelde emerged to become a few months at the station with the largest audience in the country.

As said the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, years later: “In the Radio Rebelde is not ever put a bullet or more, or told a lie.”

Fifty-six years have passed and today the issuing of the Revolution has the challenge of reporting to a most educated people, to exchange with a critical and discerning audience that expects a similar exercise of journalism in our time and programming that reflects the heartbeat of Cuban society.

And the challenge is to fulfill its strategic mission in the context of a complex international situation, where attempts at re- colonization and the voracious ambition of the empire are held against this small island

If in 1958, the station was born as a symbol of an unstoppable blaze, amid the ultimate struggle for independence corresponds to Radio Rebelde today preserve, through their sounds and words, the monumental work that began in Cuba on first of January 1959.

We have been and will continue to be the greatest moments in the nation. But continue telling stories every day, such that at any corner of the country, in the city or in the countryside, feed the spirit from the unmistakable grandeur of the common man.

Fifty-six years later, Radio Rebelde still flying the flag hoisted in Altos de Conrado.

In order to achieve our goals, we have to be every day more informed and educated, consecrate the best reasons for our people, stick to the truth above all things, to have the job as a trench, and fight from there, eager soldier brave: these are the formulas learned Marti example, the ethical foundations needed radio these days, and masterfully defended our founders, from the Sierra Maestra.

Fulfill our challenge, what if we wrote a “Cuban anonymous” in a letter to the station as early as November 11, 1958:

“Forward Radio Rebelde, stay on your vantage point there in the heights of the Sierra Maestra, launching into space your words of encouragement to fight every night to listen to all the people of Cuba as the General Antonio, pressing the earth has to resurface his line soldier. Here, Radio Rebelde! , You will continue to listen. “

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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