Lovers of the Cuban Radio

When we celebrate the Cuban Press Day, this March 14 this is just closer to the life and work of the Propaganda specialist on audiovisual media Florida Vázquez Guerrero and journalist Artemio Leyva Aguilera, they are married from 1977 and both are founders of the radio station.

How did you start in the radio?

Florinda : In 1983, it was held a call to select youth who have conditions and felt interest in working in the radio since I was planning to create a station in this town was made. My husband and I chose and were selected, me as scriptwriter and he as a journalist him a screenwriter and journalist. In August of that same year we began a phase of training in Radio Angulo, where we remained until July 1986 when was aired this station where we stand united in married life and work.

Artemio: Similar were the circumstances in which I got to broadcast journalism, just that my entry into this fascinating medium gave me the chance to beat to reach in 1989 a degree in Journalism and transit through various roles such as director of the media between l990 and 1996, concluded that responsibility continued in office as Press Reporter Editor.

Is also your house part of the station?

Artemio: Although accomplices do not pretend to some family matters of everyday work we do, the radio is not achieved from a bureau, is fed to the experience of family and neighbors often are your listeners become your best critics and this is precisely what conditions that sometimes during sleep the best ideas, which forces you to re-take paper and pencil to record arise. Usually the awakening of the best ideas to come out the best journalism or the script of effective propaganda.

What are the greatest professional satisfactions?

Florinda : Having been overcome , being now a professional Radio, the Cuban Radio . The awards made in festivals, and recognition of the listeners.

Artemio: Knowing that the work done in the day was quality, and especially if your effort is recognized by the listeners, even though this profession is made of certain ingratitude.

What do you think of Florida as a propaganda specialist and as a wife?

She has been showing understanding of this important labor of the media, courage to overcome this has also been improved the results in the festivals. As wife is very demanding because household things work well, and is very jealous of the neatness of dress.

What about Artemio?

It is embodied in the work, never satisfied with what he does because he believes that all human work sows can perfect it. It is human, sensible and revolutionary.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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