Let’s do the opposite of what our enemies want

Direct focus their attacks on those activities , items or services even where the State has failed to solve the problems facing the population, at the same time through all means available to people trying to sow apathy , resentment , distrust , selfishness , individualism , indifference and disrespect for the law.

Thus, both hand social indiscipline, the illegalities, crime and corruption on the one hand and on the other, often as broth or causes of these evils, lack of demand, control, efficiency, organization, forecasting and planning, discipline and order in production and service centers.

The situation becomes more complex when we add the banality and bad taste present in certain ” representatives ” of culture and opportunities for radio, television and film , most strongly in – Internet – gaps that underlie teaching and education, and the lack of a consistent and timely communication strategy for all audiences from the media and state agencies , a task that already exist strides after the First National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba and Congress of the Union of Journalists of Cuba .

But the solution of many problems that afflict and irritate the people , and let everyone do well what you touch , is the most effective way to fight any attempt to ideological subversion .

We especially refer to matters that do not require large financial resources and materials or other of the will and desire, in some state administrations or pictures to contribute to the happiness of the people.

For even abuse the public, limited or poor product quality and service, no response time and tracking a point made by voters, among others, make it the game to those who seek to divide us, to enthrone the apathy, the pessimism and the idea of socialism’s inability to solve the most basic problems of society.

With wisdom and strategic vision that has always characterized him, in his Reflections of July 18, 2008 by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro warned us: “Let us heed our enemies and do the opposite of what they want us to continue being what we are.”

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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