Viki Suarez: Nana, heart and dedication

Learning about the inner workings of his performance in this new staging of the station of the Cuban family, we approach Santiago young actress in recording studios of Radio Progreso.

How is Nana?

The character of Nana corresponds with the society in which women did not have many alternatives. She was a courtesan. You like wealth, power, and money. He is a victim of his upbringing, his family background, from his time.

I really like the character. Sometimes she is vulgar and cold. But those flaws contrast with some qualities that make me work harder. I like that. So, thank you to those who thought of me to do so.

What mechanisms you used to take the character?

I always try to put myself in Nana. Think what I would do in each situation, which so far has given me very good results. It is a resource Stanislavski method, very useful when you want to get into the skin of the character. I have to strip me of everything that has to do with me to become her. It is the only way to properly interpret it.

The emotional character has influenced Viki?

There have been scenes that have shocked me, make me feel sad, even grief. On the other hand, sometimes I detested by their decisions. All this is exacerbated. I have understood that the final chapters will be tremendous.

Is Nana, among the characters that you have more required as an actress?

Characters like this, so rich in nuances, is logically demanding for any actress. It should be noted that Nana is too different from me, which is a certain level of difficulty.
What has brought you Nana?

Spiritual values. I left teaching. She’s been through situations that are similar to some that I have lived and I said, gee, I will not take this path because I can perhaps spend than her. For me, as an actress has been a nice job, which I put all my heart and delivery.

Viki Suarez is a young professional of high carat. It has been able to extract the essence of Nana and show the naked, to become twenty minutes of each issue in a woman with a universe full of conflicts and contrasts.

The radio, which airs Monday through Friday at 2:40 pm at the program Studio 4, Radio Progreso, with the assistance of Carmen Laura Marín and María Antonia Alvarez Alvelo , is a beautiful gift for the listener in this 2014.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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