A “one-man-band “in Radio Rebelde

On the contrary to the saying ” who thinks he knows everything , knows nothing ” , this young 35 year old runs for more than a decade , the halls of this Cuban national station looking for new opportunities and ways to master each of specialties radio.

“I always liked working in the media and especially on the creative side. The radio propaganda is what I enjoy now, because that is what allows me to test my imagination and intellect. This is what I enjoy most. Radio Rebel is a station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, which keeps me all the time making propaganda messages, jingles and promotions that help in the formation of Cuban society values . “

“This radio station opened the doors to the sound world, and catches my attention. The announcer Gladys Goizueta was who encouraged me into the world of propaganda and she appreciates the confidence and training in most specialties radio. “

Marcelo was in charge of the Sala 500 attending from all correspondents of Radio Rebelde in the country, sometimes leads to collective program stations for airing this radio signal, and works through the broadcasting, with Radio Reloj.

When I asked if in their professional development had found some barrier, replied: “None. The difficulties faced. They cannot overcome the desire to learn and master each day the media for which you work. “

“There are many elderly people who feel some fear of being replaced by young people and deny them the opportunity to excel in the areas of program management or other branches of the media. Sometimes they forget that they were young and although they are less, we did find some who reject new ideas, proposals and different ways to communicate or make a project of radio. “

Having a ” youthful look ” to any radio project not always a guarantee of success, because there while boys are able to take responsibility , learn and exceed daily, either as journalists, writers, musical arrangers or other specialty middle there are others who care only wages and gives them the same thing over another thing .

“In this case I think the important thing is the opportunity. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. e. Who knows everything, even professionals working with older; they learn something new every day. The fusion of youth and experience is most important. “

“Ignoring or putting them aside is to give back to the future. They are over, the followers of all current creative work of the radio.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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