ZunZuneo : Scandal and arrogance

Now it ‘s the turn ZunZuneo , although curiously shameless – threatening way , again and again , against the Cuban people ; before the mad rush of spying ; practice called Unconventional War and many forms overlapping or not to intervene and destabilize swift go to ” assist people with undemocratic governments and human rights violators in an outpouring of kindness “.

Our press recently reported a material in which various reviews appear on the subject, published by the influential Washington Post , all comments that reflect a resounding rejection of such destabilizing and subversive practices , supported by new technologies.

Select one that is very telling:

“We can not help sticking their noses into the affairs of other countries , trying again and again , in the most awkward way possible, destabilize those we dislike . And then we wonder why so many nations and peoples hate us . ” In short, is a ZunZuneo adventure doomed course, I paid U.S. taxpayers to overthrow the system that Cubans have chosen with all the moral and legal right to do so.

It is good to clarify that , however , this adventure is nothing awkward in the field of social communication ; contrary is a sophisticated technique that does do great harm in the minds of millions. The Awkward is the objective pursued , not the method itself . What is it? It is called a flood of tweets that in a first phase , provide the Cubans , through their cell , a large set of ideas of great interest , favoring the mood for reading in social networks. It is like an invitation for after unwittingly receive the deadly poison well developed in a second phase , which would be associated with deception , distortion, creating conditions for the final overthrow of the government and the socialist system Cuban.

The ZunZuneo is an aberration , no doubt. Methods like this and also negligible , are what characterize the empire, whose concerns grow to appreciate what is happening in the world after the liberation and human decency .

Therefore, this aberration, although it is particularly designed against Cuba , is also another piece that mounts to the great machinery of the global onslaught against those who do not subordinate , against those who want to remain in servitude , the same of which Che said one day : “… and this great humanity has said enough , and its march of giants will not stop … “
Today is a ZunZuneo , unconventional warfare , espionage and other forms ; tomorrow they will invent other methods; but all have one major defect : get sidetracked because they think they can stop the inexorable march of history .

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