The real word a listener

Rogelio belongs The Sharks listeners club, based in the neighborhood Camilo Cienfuegos, in the city of Manzanillo, and says “I hear several stations. I always try to look for those programs that inform me and allow me to gain knowledge, because I was a kid to school for my limitation. “

Before the question of possible preferences for some stations, immediately responds “all air programs to provide maximum help me, as Radio Rebelde and its educational programs. Anyway all help me make up for my lack of education, but learned to read and write, but as an adult. “

Meditate for a moment and immediately says “I like to listen Radio Granma and mainly RADAR 1590, Lookout News, That such programs and Manzanillo which brings radio, among others, because they inform and educate me a lot.”

The satisfaction and joy for the invitation to participate in space which brings radio yet reflected in his face. So excited says ” was a compromise for me to participate in this live program and I’m not ready for that , especially being next to their collective and feel close to the microphones, but I went ahead and kicked.”

Julio Blanco Rosabal was with him all the time, he was also a member of the Sharks Club listeners, for whom the radio “is as a media of instruction and learned a lot from it, especially geography, literature, art and many things. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in a day like today which brings the radio. “

Rogelio Mesa Mesa and Julio Blanco Rosabal, are just two examples of the radio is increasingly present in their listeners, who on Wednesday celebrated its day.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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