The music in American cinema and Cuban radio

It is also about the reception and assimilation of the product of another intellect. How can assume this influence was not passive in nature, or simply contemplation. Instituted as the vanguard of the radio embodiment, U.S. emissions in the Cuban radio program will be a direct reference to the musical life of the radio in Cuba.

Since 1934 the Film Academy in the United States awards the song and the music of its works amid a lavish and publicized event (The Oscars). Almost coinciding with the first efforts of the Cuban radio dramatized offered for sale discs with music from the “Mecca of cinema.” A paradigm that falls ” with a strength our lands of America.”

Music made for movies, mostly American, as well as incidental music associated with them, has been and is the most widely used musical side in Cuban radio dramas.

The origin of this idea comes from, as we anticipated, the film , even since the days of silent film , which takes us even further back because this emerging ” film music ” was not pure . On the subject reminds us Alejo Carpentier , one of our most important musical arranger  : ” For a long time , I remember in a movie theater ( … ) , which was Fausto movies in Havana, Amadeo Roldán directed a short musical group and often was interesting see mediocre films were projected there because the music played under the direction of Amadeo Roldán was a wonderful . I used to receive scores of modern authors; I heard there for the first time, some of the works of contemporary masters. Suddenly, syncing, maybe with a film of Tom Mix, the orchestra sounded an admirable piece of music by Ravel, Debussy or even Stravinsky (…) “

The music for the film, from the earliest years, and from 1927 as the
establishment of sound, seems to seek legitimating in the “classics” . It emphasizes the best known melodies in shaping the orchestra.

The symphony orchestra, in its contemporary form, including all kinds of musical instruments, whether folk, electronic, computer programs, or any object that can produce a specific sound. The composition and musical arrangement of the work determine what instruments to use. Undoubtedly the symphony is one that can potentially express a range of textures more effectively. It Is able to develop more complex musical forms, so its sound suggests respect, order, master. No wonder then that the film also legitimizes with symphony orchestra and what it is capable of producing.

From the movies, the musical conception forks. For the film is composed, is
manages and runs with intent. From the evolutionary point of view , the symphonic film music goes back to the nineteenth century , the Romantics , in search of the tonal, the leitmotiv , the recurring motif , the primacy of the strings , ignoring , at first, the proposals forefront of those years.

With the emergence of musical theater as a genre comes in a very subdued conception of popular music. Note that the music is not displayed in its purest aspect, but embellished, sometimes devoid of its essence marginal, because from the orchestral arrangement must run all proposals.

The commercialization of American movies music will find a secure listener on the radio. Financially unable to produce the music you need for multiple stations and programs, radio incorporates film music in their programs. However, it does not entirely satisfy the demand and requirements of the dramatized programming. Why is that the film sequence, in each work, has a variable length, so their music is variable; not only in time but in intensity.

Since the late 20s of last century, American and British companies are going to edit music library with a very special music. Calls according to their producer : Moodmusic , Atmospheric music, Production music, Cinema music , Background music, music and Library Cue music, among other names , these collections have a simple and direct intent in relation to the so-called “classical” music and film music . Based on both the incidental music keeps the format symphony orchestra, the prevalence of the strings, the melody , the leitmotiv ; even to resume usual musical phrases and themes of the “classic” Call and film music , but stripping them of their creative freedom , limiting ambiguities, its range of expression.

It is inherited in music stations. During the golden age of Hollywood is established and consolidated format symphony orchestra for the movies, is being developed on how music should be for this media, a concept that will inherit such direct influence broadcasting.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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