David Rodriguez: over 40 years dedicated to radio chronicles

His work as a reporter, editor and have been the director of the Provincial Radio News  , announcing the news magazine Hoy en la Noticia and especially to be the best chronicler of the media in Granma, it has made that David Gregorio Rodríguez Rodríguez recognition listeners and colleagues in the press , as well as obtaining the Ruben Castillo  Ramos on the Work of Life Castillo and the Bartolome Marti Pons Work of the Year granted given by the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC ) in the eastern province.

By witnessing innumerable cultural, social, political and other natures, the chronicle has become the best and most precious support to make journalism, and in the words of David, this genre is a beautiful way to present a story of relevance.

Similarly, the vast knowledge of personalities , history, national and international news and humanism have caused the chronic is the favorite mode of this radio announcer to reach the village , broadcasting metaphors , words and attractive sound attractive reality of the time you will played live.

Since David started in journalism until today , this most beautiful profession in the world , has made significant changes , but their essence is the same from the first indication to inform, and to this reporter , no beating around the immediacy of radio chronically exposed in that places the listener in the scene .

The death of Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, the April 8, 1973, was the fact that David started in their endless relationship with this exciting journalistic genre.

That day the universal culture lost one of its great , CMKX Radio Bayamo witnessed his first article , which paved the way for the creation of more than three hundred works of the genre, some conserved , others lost in the ether, but at the time reflected the Granma , national and world events .

David Rodriguez, all subjects will be born a chronic but prefers historical personalities, intellectuals, artists, a good story of a worker, farmer, student or housewife.

For this reporter did not keep all his creations in the genre makes you miss one of his most prized , referring to the impact of the arrival of electricity to a rural community chronicles.

Among the lines that come to mind on that highlights a work which alluded to the fireflies, ashamed before artificial light took refuge in the mountains.

Changes in society, the everyday, skateboarding of Bayamo, the departure of a friend, the recognition of artistic creation, as well as the progress of his beloved Granma province, among others, form the center of his journalistic work.

If you ask in CMKX for the best chronicler of that station undoubtedly will say its David Rodriguez, teacher generations, who drove through the streets of his native city, Bayamo, never departs from the profession that such satisfaction has given.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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