To Continue Driving the Country

So this May Day is the chance for the Guantanamo people to ask ourselves, what is our contribution to that prosperous and sustainable Socialism that we have been analyzing, what does it really mean and how the slogan take shapes from Argeo Martinez sugar mill’s production, the manufacture of building materials, Caujerí Valley garden‘s yield or the attention of thousands of health professionals in the province.

The International Workers’ Day is a good opportunity to let the world know in the voice of our workers what is the updating of the Cuban economic model, its purposes and essences. An opportunity to know with simple but heartfelt words of people why despite the failure of wages and pensions, prices of goods and services or the ups and downs of our economy; We have resisted for more than five decades the economic blockade and counter-current these limitations, we start with energy and hope to transform the country .

Or what is the same, we transmit to the world the apparent paradoxical truths and that despite our shortcomings we have an infant mortality rate of the first world, high levels of sports, education, health, biotechnology development and other indicators of human well exceeded by Cuba for decades.

All these realities are complex, even for the millions of Cubans who bake bread every day, becoming judges and feeling part of a project that in the nineties many predicted it would go missing, which no longer highlight its weaknesses, ignore its achievements and now qualify the upgrade process, such as a turnaround to capitalism..

And if changes in Cuba have generated – generate the future – many views. If they bark – as the knight would say to his faithful squire it is a sign that we’re moving.

So , who better than us to show how we can use our resources more effectively, banishing bureaucracy, promoting local development , from each according to his work and ability, to be aware of plans and budgets, produce more and keep intact the soul of the nation; in short, anyone to undertake the most difficult task to chance human mind.

What are we talking then? To implement step by step – slowly but surely – the Guidelines and to do it with our most valuable resource, the millions of Cubans who built this country today and hold in their hands the future because of the joint efforts are works our achievements of the past.

The opportunities are there, the challenges too; we continue developing the country.

Translation: Liubis Balart Martínez


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