Between us , especially in the second half of the previous century, many citizens became habitués of shortwave radio stations that broadcast their signal from distant countries like France, Spain , China, Cuba , the United States , Germany, Holland and many other . Radio France International, National Radio of Spain, China Radio International, Radio Havana Cuba, the Voice of America, Deutsche Welle ‘s , Radio Nederland International and other stations were part of the entertainment and education of generations of Ecuadorians.

La Voz de los Andes, HCJB, recognized evangelical radio station, heard in America and the world , issued from Quito international signal in several languages from the forties of the twentieth century and continues today.

That era of radio, was addressed in film by Woody Allen in his film Radio Days.

We in the generation of the radio, we had short-wave receiving equipment of different brands that we were well known and appreciated, as Zenith , Grundig, Telefunken , General Electric and Sony , among others.

In order to have a contemporary shortwave equipment , searched the local market one that would allow me to listen to international radio stations and be able to connect to the environment with its political, social , cultural and musical essentially realities.

At the same time acquire a magnificent device with these characteristics received a message on the phone and at that moment I realized that my phone had a specific application that allowed me to listen to thousands of radio stations from anywhere on the planet with a unparalleled level of fidelity.

I did not buy the new device to hear shortwave and if I started a period – in which I still am – navigation amazed at the different teams as tablets, computers or cell phones, to find and listen to the same stations of my childhood and youth and any other new country whose contemporary realities, as all are global … Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Venezuela, Thailand and Cameroon.

Everything is in the network. Spectacular!

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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