Fascism: Ghost loss of humanity

Since I do not reach an agreement, and then asked us to wait a few more years, so that one’s life would give one reason or another. Time passed, and no longer aspire , of course , has to show off my opinion based rather than hypotheses, theories and conversations of coffee with milk , in concrete and real events.

It is painfully true: fascism and shows their bloody claws in our days, with another president? Yes, no matter the system is producing them, and the latter even is Nobel Peace Prize.

Of course I do not mean to characterize fascism; if anything just to mention a few features of his twisted mentality against the concept of reason, and to prove it comes to burning texts are gems; despises the intelligentsia; claim territories they consider theirs by historic right; it is a philosophy of racism and death ; destroys the concept of democracy ; used terrorist methods.

Hitler himself said, ” if we cannot make this conquest , apparently we will destroy half the world “, ” I have the right to remove millions of beings of inferior races that multiply like maggots ” , “hard thirst , and have no mercy … is the most humane way of warfare.”

By analogy we see just a few brief examples of the current rule in the order of the previous paragraph: in Iraq and Afghanistan burned sacred texts for these people ( the Koran text of Islam ); what matters is the money, claiming not intellectuals ; invade foreign territory to steal their natural resources because they have the divine right to do so; are historically the mecca of racism; destroys the concept of democracy; use terrorism in their wars of conquest and antiterrorist fighters imprisoned men. Finally, sample buttons are small, but demonstrative of the great similarity between the times it took for this humanity 50 million dead in 40 countries as a result of fascism. And the incredible thing is that today unscrupulous men who hold senior management positions in the empire reborn insist on doing the same doctrine embarrassment of this world.

Today no one has any doubt that imperialism maintains an expansive foreign policy , which is another classic traits of fascism ; policy , sometimes through war is declared or not, and using other mechanisms called unconventional warfare , one of the latest inventions to dominate the world . That’s exactly what Hitler wanted.

And what about the famous quotes from Bush ” our forces must be ready to attack immediately anywhere in the world,” ” will use any weapon of war necessary” , “you are either with us or with terrorism ” ; But thinking about this last sentence , we must remember that the nation was the United States that developed the first nuclear weapons used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki , thus committing a horrendous act of genocide , is not equal terrorism say ? Whose memory has not failed to shake humanity? Such country has also practiced torture prisoners (Guantanamo Bay) , murdered innocent (use of drones ) , and spied on everyone ( ZunZuneo)

A much loved and admired by the Cuban people man, Raul Roa, once said: “the only fitting punishment is the destruction of the social system that produces and reproduces its authors, accomplices and accessories.”

Hopefully the writer of these lines has no right to say that there is an apparent resurgence of fascism in the empire! Because it would be the perennial dark night of humankind.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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