The Ministry of Interior: A Stronghold for the Defence of the Revolution


Facing the counterrevolution that was trying to hinder the budding Revolution since its triumph in 1959 was one of the objectives of the forces that began to gather in the bodies of state security from that same year. Their ranks would later nurture the glorious troops of the Ministry of Interior (MININT).

The intelligence actions of the Rebel Army during the armed struggle in the Sierra Maestra, which impeded the intrusion attempts of the CIA during the Liberation War, and even after the triumph in January 1959 served as background and experience to the protective shield that would later be the MININT:

It was the National Revolutionary Police (PNR), founded in June 1959 and other organizations, departments and divisions emerged in the heat of the Revolution, the detachments formed at the onset of the Ministry of Interior, which was officially established by the Law 940 of the Council of Ministers.

Other MININT bodies are the Fire Department, established during the colonial period to assist the general public in case of accidents, and the Rangers Forces, created in the 20th century, which main tasks include acting against environmental violations and for the defense of the natural, and also watch over citizen and environmental safety.

The Border Troops created in 1963 have been a vital part of the structure of that Ministry since its inception. These forces have attained excellent results in the protection of the territory, whose insularity and proximity to the United States, provides its defense management with unique features.

Other bodies comprised in the MININT oversee the immigration services, watchers of the national and international security who, together with the institution of criminalistics, prisons or minor care institutions carry major missions in favor of the citizens as well as contributing to the tasks of rehabilitation and education in the society.

MININT replaced the functions and structures of the Interior Ministry of the ousted tyrannical regime, and also put an end to the hated repressive corps. The characteristic disposition toward violence and repression of the Batista dictatorship, changed with the triumph of the Revolution.

From its earliest days, the history of the Ministry of Interior and the men and women who selflessly are active in their ranks is fraught with combat operations against enemy attacks fought resolutely, with the courage, simplicity and humility of the true heroes.

There have been many attempts to eliminate the leaders of the Revolution discovered by members of the Ministry of Interior, who have also frustrated many conspiracies as well as rapidly and safely disjointed and unmasked counterrevolutionary organizations with the vehemence of those who defend just causes.

In each case where the forces of MININT have faced offenses, offenders, and criminals have been left to the courts and justice has always been in defense of Cuba and its people. Other events have noble mission to guarantee and protect, for the future, the nature and reason to enjoy the living space shared by all Cubans.

Fighting battles for the right to a better life has always been the main reason and the expression of the will of each man and woman in the forces of the Ministry of Interior. Being a stronghold for the defense of the Revolution and its ideas is the eternal and supreme condition of MININT.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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