Angeles Díez: right now the wars have changed

In an exclusive interview with the Portal of the Cuban Radio speaks of contemporary issues and begins with the use of women as war propaganda today.

“Stereotypes of women are traditionally used to justify military interventions worldwide. At present wars have changed and psychological intervention and interventionist mechanisms are used. To do all these propaganda tactics are used more extensively than those used in traditional warfare.

In Venezuela, for example, you are using a strategy that has been used against Cuba at other times, which is to identify the alleged opposition as peaceful and suppressed by the government. It is a mechanism in order to build the imaginary assumptions peaceful groups.

And this scheme is moving to Venezuela, a country in which we see for example the wife of Leopoldo López (1) leading demonstrations. As you will notice is an opposition which employs no legitimate channels, non-institutionalized and used by the centers of power to criminalize government.”

This type of unconventional warfare is a significant technological component.

“Yes. Apparently the area of Internet and social networking is a space of greater democratization but behind all that exists is the use of mechanisms that are very similar to those of media messages traditions. So networks are contaminated and become an instrument of interference to manipulate public opinion.

They used to say that the media were the fourth power today is substantive part of power. The media industries with weapons corporations are moving more money in the world. That gives an idea of their importance, are an essential part of power without which it could not exercise dominion or control of the world. So the deal with how they work, what’s behind the move and interests are essential if we want to build a different world where other values prevail.”

To create the different world suggests how to be articulate counter-hegemony?

“The media who want to build counter hegemony must not lose the link with society today that media institutions have lost that thread that bound to social movements, and the interest of the people and communities. The counter-construction must be deeply rooted in the social, needs, aspirations and values. Do not miss that link. The media must also make available to the public a range of tools to read the media, to decode. We have to teach audiences that. And from my point of view there is a huge task and is done in that counter-construction anchored to education and training.”

Notes: (1) It is the national coordinator of the Popular Will Party. Leopoldo Lopez is accused of the crimes of “public incitement, property damage degree of determiner, determiner fire degree and conspiracy.” Venezuela’s government is accused of being one of the heads of fascist violence unleashed in recent months in the Latin American nation.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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