Radio Ciudad del Mar celebrates its 78th birthday

Refreshing as a breeze on its dial, and the station of the province of Cienfuegos is preserved, south central Cuba, that proud of its long history with renewed desire and undertakes new ways to keep their listeners informed and contribute their entertainment, education and culture. Also since 2001 has INTERNET presence.

It has been a long way since that July 1, 1936, but today is a modern station, located near the town of Prado, facing the Malecón in the southern bay, transmitted by frequencies 1150, 1340 and 1350 kilohertz in AM, and 98.9 and 106.3 FM.

For the work and professionalism of its collective has been recognized in national festivals as one of the best radio stations in the country, has 150 workers, and a program that includes 24 hours a day, which included musical spaces, dramas, magazines cultural, historical, social facilitation, information, among others, which reflects the life of the people of Cienfuegos.

Mayda Orozco Muñoz, director of Radio Ciudad del Mar, explained that this new birthday greeting made the Provincial Festival of Radio, 15 remote controls from centers of work and study and tear today with the summer program controls.

“Among the challenges of this group are to raise the quality of the radio product and strengthened the Arts Council and the Commission on Quality,” said Orozco Muñoz.

He said that working for the summer program, where 8 new projects will match the requirement of the listener groups, and also continue with the restoration of the building where the station is listed as a heritage building is presented, “said Mayda Muñoz Portal of the Cuban Radio.

Within hours of the evening made a cultural political act where recognize employees with 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of work in the middle, and have special announcers Doris was González guests, National Award Albanian Radio and Humberto Lopez, Merited Artist of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, as well as prominent journalist Julian Pérez Valdés.

Radio Ciudad del Mar with its 78 years of existence, it looks a little gray but need not stick, because today as never walk continues preference people of Cienfuegos; as expressed in one of his works journalist Melissa Cordero Novo Radio Cienfuegos bay is painted the same voices, Congratulations to your group wishes the Cuban Radio .

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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