Scientific analysis to the web world on Radio

I confess that I breathe another chore to watch from the Web to the world, and from the world at our radio stations, which are fortified and readjust to the new communication tips. This assertion is possible to participate as a judge in the Eighth Course Diploma of Public Administration of Radio Havana Cuba journalists and Radio Enciclopedia Lizandra Rosa Amat Consuegra and Barbara Gomez Duque de Estrada, respectively.

Banking Training Center in Old Havana, heritage city, was the venue for this exhibition began with a commendable statement on the subject and thought that should prevail in Cuba today to open your window to the world of the Net. “Think globally and act locally today must become a way of life for Cubans, especially in these times where every action counts, which is necessary to fight from each trench small it may seem.”

Be spokesmen truth entails a commitment, a tremendous commitment in times of both informative background where it is very difficult to separate it from the unreal real, so internet and informational byways have become so in Carpentier´s language I call: I Wonderful Real Network

Lizandra and Barbara performed with many scientific elements and edges, the study of communication in terms of achieving the effective dissemination of the current Cuban reality through the potential of Radio Enciclopedia website.

A page that was created as most websites of the radio back in the 90s, without a history, and with no knowledge, full of empiricism and the desire to convey to the world that “other” language, the truth of Cuba to the false and sordid lie orchestrated hundreds of surfers in Florida, who seized on the Net and fostered misinformation among Cubans.

The weaknesses and strengths that raised Lizandra and Barbara are a real garment that fits you well web subsystem Radio in Cuba, hence the suggestion of continued progress in the research in order to cover a much juicier pyramid with more applicable results and generalizing.

In the reflections of the thesis is discussed needs and possibilities, media planning agendas, to intend, in good training system, and considering the publishing interests of Radio Enciclopedia.

From the public agenda how to harness the knowledge and promotion of defining aspects of our lives today as the economy and politics, or land in a totally cultural object, the objectives of our Economic and Social Model, Politician from the changes are enshrining in Cuba at all levels.

Like traditional radio media in the conceptions of their traditional work, we are also thinking from within the digital media we do, to be more scientific, and is in keeping with the times, and that our target audience: netizens make visible and stay and vote for our content are, in short: The Truth of Cuba on the Internet.

Translated by: Daysi Olano



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