Nicolás Guillén never forgot his birthplace

Poems, prose – including journalism – and repeated visits showed, among other tests, its links to the town where he was born on July 10, 1902.

It was in the provincial capital where he began two creative facets refining commitment to his people and led to fame: the lyrical and journalism.

In the journalistic work, the least studied of his authorial career, his greatest legacy in the homeland corresponded to the 400 chronic drafted in step 1924 to 1926 for Pisto Manchego section of El Camagüeyano newspaper, disappeared in 1959.

Unless, incisive and with reference to the province, the country and abroad, these texts combine social, economic and political issues with commercials, poems and dialogues.

Often returned to the city to reconnect with the past and filled with new experiences.

The final visit was in June 1982, days before turning 80, and left one of the traces of that return partial contact with San Juan, name from the city’s carnival.

In this return was granted his last interview published by the newspaper ahead of the header area.

The poem Elegia camagüeyana and the chronic Mis queridas camagüeyanas become the main streets testimonials written by Guillen in honor of the birthplace.

Are the highest confessions of his passion for Camagüey, a city with its lights and shadows always accompanied him, and breathed in euphoria and tears, poetry anthologies evocations and journalism.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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