Israel behind the facade

The rationale is again the same: destroy the Gaza tunnel network used to supply arms and food to Hamas, a political and military organization classified as terrorist, which since its inception in 1987 has tanning the tensions between Arabs and Jews, and has become a priority and a pretext for the Israeli military operations.

But only the naive can believe something like this. Behind such violence lies excessive hatred; the fixed idea of exterminating the Palestinians; and of never acknowledging the existence of an independent state; to damage all attempt of  reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah; and of course, to take over the territory with large deposits of gas and oil. If not, how can we understand the recent attacks on civilian hospitals or schools?

What started as a religious conflict, fired up in the distant 1947 when the UN approved the creation within the same territory of an Arab state and a Jewish state; today it has become a pure genocide.

The use of radioactive weapons like depleted uranium and white phosphorous  attest to the terrorist Israel in Gaza, considered a field for military experimentation. As a result, currently, there is a significant number of newborns Palestinians in the Gaza Strip with cerebrovascular malformations.

A daily growing number of displaced and dismantled homes, increasing xenophobia and discrimination, and Israeli settlements expanding in territory that is not legally theirs. Thus, under the systematic attack of the Zionist extreme right, the peace process far from moving forward seems to spiral backwards.

Of course, the arrogance of Israel has a lot of political, military and economic support from the United States. The recent refusal of that country to develop a deep international research on the current crisis in Gaza is evidence that the U.S. is little interested in the fate of the Palestinians, or worse, that it fears that once and for all, the world ends discovering their poorly disguised and “disinterested” support to Israel.

As I write this, thousands of Palestinians claim for their lives; fleeing death or succumbing to it; others cry for their children, their mothers, their people, to Palestine. And I cannot stop insulting those who claim being faithful to God and end up violating one of the fundamental laws of religion.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

Revised by ESTI

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