From Networks: Where peace seems a chimera

This Sunday, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks reported the data of the victims of Zionist barbarity.Over 600 thousand dead, about 9000 injured, mostly civilians, is the result of Israeli aggression.

While social networks are shaking with complaints and demand for an end to the conflict, President Obama and U.S. politicians continue to turn a deaf ear to international demand and while publicly justify aggression, covertly sending money, ammunition and weapons to strengthen Israel’s army.

Videos, photos and testimonies are circulating on the Internet showing the world the horrors experienced by the Palestinian people from Gaza, a converted region in ruins.

The Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip has caused a humanitarian disaster as the data reflect today circulate through social networks.

More than 400,000 displaced from their homes, 11 hospitals bombed, damaging the only power plant, schools, public buildings and streets turned into ruins and psychological alterations in more than 325 000 children are part of the balance of Israel´s onslaught.

With total impunity, the Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday that the offensive will continue to meet the objectives; statement is a slap to thousands of Internet users demanding an end to the conflict.

Translated by Daysi Olano


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