Roberto Busto: Volunteer Broadcaster

I met him as one of many people who joined the responsibility to work (unpaid) writing and conducting radio programs. Were difficult times and maybe that’s why beautiful. People cannot believe, but occurred without expecting or wanting anything in return; not that I expect or want retribution is no virtue, on the contrary, the historical moment but left no time or place to think about the reward were building the greatest reward for all, a better future.

For this and many reasons that I lived experiment though when as little or nothing is said of people who gave so much love and sense of duty. One is Roberto Jimenez Bust (20-5-1938); degree in Education, specializing in Social Science and History, founder of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, literacy workers, President of the Union of Journalists of Cuba in the region of Cienfuegos in the mid-60s and who also came to be President Historians Union in Cienfuegos.

But what concerns these lines is the work he did as a radio announcer. His story in our country dates back to 1957, when produced and led the “Ah pero usted no lo sabia!” in Radio Popular, from Monday to Saturday at 5 pm with a half hour.

Then in 1962 he began to work as a volunteer correspondent for the education sector for the News of the then Radio Time. His condition made him young revolutionary publishing occasional commentator for the program which then held the Integrated Revolutionary Organizations (ORI); participated as a commentator on Sports News.

Roberto Busto was a student of the School of Broadcasters “Miguel Buendia” worked in Cienfuegos during the early years of the triumph of the Revolution, which he shared with his companions from the likes of Juan Varela Perez, founder of the initiative and one of its teachers.

In his concerns as a radio announcer, wrote and presented “Pregunte Usted, with a strong purpose of cultural diffusion. It was a half-hour from Monday to Saturday, first, and then from Monday through Friday at 5: 00 pm and d remained on the air until 1970 when talong with ogether with the Industrial Technical School “Cinco de Septiembre” of which was the teacher, then he went to the harvest.

Roberto Busto is part of a large group of volunteers broadcasters who once took the step forward and alternated their daily responsibilities to their selfless contributions. A group to which they can add many more names, some of them unfortunately forgotten.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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