Two readings on Human Rights

Perhaps now more than ever, we are grandparents and reminisce dark compared to our current realities, we have a duty not only to remember what we were, but also speak to the youth of how people lived in our Cuba. That is, provide them with the necessary information to enable them to compare what the revolution has achieved for the enjoyment of true human rights, without necessarily think that we have become a perfect society. We are still far from it, but you work to achieve it.

As is known, Cubans over half a century we face the attacks of the empire, the unforgiving that one of his sheep would cease to be and make their own way without tutelage. This has been and is being consistent with his because so uniquely to respect human rights have conducted numerous attacks against my country, such as the Bay of Pigs invasion, germ warfare, diplomatic and media, criminal blockade attempts assassination of the leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro, and a myriad of criminal and destabilizing actions, since the explosion of the ship La coubre, anchored in Havana harbor, so called ZunZuneo, trying to divert our youth mainly.

However, at the same time, jumping obstacles and innumerable taxes why not say?, fighting our own mistakes, the rebel island has achieved in the field of human rights, enviable indexes, some of which exceed those of developed countries. Eradicated peasants begging and evictions; from the beginning of the Revolution, Cuba is free of illiteracy; advances in public health are simply unquestionable; chronic unemployment is swept along the infamous timeout; are few countries, such as Cuba, have a wonderful infant mortality rate, even higher than some developed countries.

And I must not omit other significant advances. Let’s see: the rapid development experiences for years, scientific activity, called to occupy a privileged place in Cuba and the world; massiveness in sport from an early age; ensuring social security for all. And I leave for last, the extraordinary achievement of the role of women in society, rather a mere instrument of gentleness and pleasure, and now respected not only for his condition, but because it has amply demonstrated that it deserves a special place in Cuban society. These are indeed human rights!

But you have to attack and drown Cuba, stubbornly does not want to obey the imperial master. It is insulting and shameful that the same empire that crushes human rights in the world is precisely that aims to become the gendarme of such rights. It’s unheard of, but a reality. Meanwhile Cuba, tenaciously, is reaping obvious successes and fighting tirelessly for economic improvements for the benefit of the Cuban people, and even maintaining solidarity with other fraternal peoples.

I’m optimistic. There will come a day when the country’s north and others of his friends, understand that true human rights are not measured by the hacienda, but decorum. So I admire more, the Meritorious Don Benito Juarez, the same as always defended the principles of respect and inviolability of the sovereignty of nations; who uttered a famous phrase to the story: “Respect for the rights of others is peace.”

Silvio J Blanco

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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