Prior to Cuba and now Venezuela: the U.S onslaught repeats

Whoever reads these headlines of the U.S press and delve into each of their information, will undoubtedly think of the suffering of millions of Venezuelans, “victims of the mistakes of a government” which paradoxically emerges victorious by an overwhelming popular support, shock states, referendums, early elections and few oligarchic and counterrevolutionary hoaxes can plot, of course, organized and funded by the CIA.

But it’s more: if you go to media and news agencies files from the late 50s of the last century to the present day, you will find that Cuba has remained under the media aggression, with most recent actions as Zunzuneo or use Latin American youth to subvert their Cuban similar.

Venezuela and is now running the news talk about that “is leaking investors, entrepreneurs, doctors, journalists, engineers in the oil industry”; but really should say there stealing intelligence professionals, in order to abort wide social benefit programs covered by the missions carried out by the Bolivarian Revolution.

Tendentiously, analysts quoted by the Herald mean that “the situation has worsened with the policy framework adopted since the late President Hugo Chavez came to power in 1999, to implement his Bolivarian Revolution.”

“Since then, it has begun to create a screening of laws that have made private investment in Venezuela is the lowest in history and left to private property in a state of suspense”; sentenced news wires.

They forget that this sector of the “private investment” which allude, kept in great poverty and illiteracy to the majority of the Venezuelan people for decades, with its profits never made comfortable housing schemes for the poor and invested in a health public to everyone, as it is currently available, with the support of Cuban doctors and through the programs of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America (ALBA).

Those same distorted piece of news  have information that “according to a Gallup poll released last week, the perception of personal insecurity is higher in Venezuela than in any other country in the world,” when they should say that uncertainty experienced by American citizens, mainly black people.

To this, I suggest you read the cables serious agencies publish about events currently in Saint Louis, Missouri, where hundreds of people formed long lines outside a church to attend the funeral services of young African American Michael Brown, who was killed three weeks ago by a white police officer in a country that spends millions of dollars in equipment to repressive forces, while there are insufficient funds for schools.

I wonder then; How would the headlines if that happened in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba or any other country where government policies are implemented to benefit the people, such as Brazil and Argentina?

With Venezuela pattern used for years against Cuba, where the permanent aggression has been seasoned with sabotage vital industries, attacks on senior leadership, introduction of harmful viruses on human health and the environment, damage to vessels and repeated kidnappings fishermen; to mention a few.

Invasion by Playa Girón, or Bay of Pigs, not count them among those U.S lunges, because in reality it was a landslide victory for the Cuban people against the designs of evil and punishment become first major military defeat of Yankee imperialism in Latin America, as disappointment and lesson that has made them think again and again to repeat similar complot.

That they serve as an example for its complots against Venezuela.

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