Monsanto and marijuana. How awful!

It turns out that this powerful company and managed to “register” a new transgenic seed marijuana. Obviously, as major productions are started, they would be in private hands to be a billionaire business even transcend to other countries.

Monsanto and their millions is placed above the great interests of mankind, tramples human rights, despises youth, it ignores the terrible suffering caused to the family of followers to the drug and, of course, nothing matters damage to society. Thus, simple as macabre: the supreme interests of the world must kneel before the Lord money.

I said above can be tied perfectly with a recent article by Comrade Fidel, the worth of their excellent draw some considerations. He wondered: Is it not possible, strive to produce more food and industrial products, building hospitals and schools for the billions of human beings who desperately need, promoting art and culture, fighting massive illnesses that lead to death more than half of the sick, health workers and technologists as looms, might eventually eliminate diseases like cancer, Ebola, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, diabetes and others that affect the vital functions of human beings?

No need to think hard to find the great truths that historically Fidel has said, unveiling an unfair world full of contradictions. It is a cynical irony that, while Monsanto and other big companies in the rich world, vying for bigger profits at the expense of any harm to humans, others as Fidel himself defending rightly the urgent need to work together for a more just in the reason prevails and harmony among humans.

“There is no law says Fidel destroy cities, kill children, spraying houses, to sow terror, starvation and death everywhere,” adding that “there is no greater price than capitulating to the enemy without reason or right you assaults.”

All this reinforces a criterion for some skeptics may seem idealistic or romantic, ie no complaint and keep fighting all the winds of the north; and we have to realize the dreams of yesterday, like today, keep the flag and the supreme idea that “a better world is possible.”Beyond the fainthearted and timid who do not believe! or better to say as the master of all Loose respected, big up! This is big task.


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