Rogelio Castillo: “Radio is the air for life”

For this young journalist, talk with Rogelio Castillo means finding the face who, for many years, starred in his dawn through space “blue neckerchief,” which airs CMHW Issuer, of Villa Clara.

Journalist (LF): Several generations have grown up alongside Villa Clara ” Pañoleta Azul ” What does this child program for you?

Rogelio Castillo: ” Pañoleta Azul ” has become a program for the family; a home is not uncommon to hear almost all members. For 44 years on the air, but it seems Pañoleta, and it is, but the time is different, because he walks with time due to the dose of love, intelligence, and knowledge of the people he works for.

“Blue Pañoleta” is something I did not expect, because the radio working for the day, for the immediacy, but if you manage to put the collective soul, heart and life have undoubtedly results. And for the record, is not Pañoleta … Rogelio Castillo, is a family that goes beyond the recording studio.

LF: Despite varied and directed music programs in his work are the children’s rooms, why prefer to work for children and youth?

Rogelio Castillo: Because it’s the public that needs it most, the most demanding, the most sincere, the most grateful … Also, I think without a good programming for them, the future of radio, and in any event, will have gaps and may cease to be. My thesis and my master were always The Golden Age and José Martí. I learned that children can appreciate the subject as they are; children are able to understand and comprehend.

LF: You have contributed to the training of talented media professionals, founded the Circle Radio attractions, what aspects should improve new generations of broadcasters?

The Circle attractions Radio was something very beautiful that I undertook with a group of students in the 80s it was unbelievable! Out came the teen program “Hello Future”, a news program for teens and young adults. Young participated as speakers, entertainers, performers in all programming, even were responsible for the speech during the inauguration of the Joint Sculpture “Comander Ernesto Che Guevara”. Many of these children are now talented media professionals.

How are we going to fill the void that goes beyond professional preparation that it is not the spark that makes the work out of league? For that you have to put heart, intelligence and perseverance. The radio and the media generally give much satisfaction. It’s nice work, but asks you to deliver.

LF: Faced with the challenge posed by new technologies of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for traditional media how radio should be to ensure XXI century audiences?

We must live as long as you played live. My generation did not have the slightest technological means, and we had to supply them with boldness, we did not stop anything, no transport, no sophisticated recorder, nothing!

Today technology is very good, gives us possibilities, but … what do the broadcasters with the media in their hands?You have to use your head, but at the same time the heart! We do nothing if behind the technology there is no brain, a decision, a force that pushes them to be more creative.

LF: You are the radio announcer who has contributed more prizes to CMHW station, the Radial Center Queen, what does this mean for you?

I was … where it should be. I spent my time at full capacity, I contributed all I could to feel fulfilled and pay all labor and delivery at this time received, affection, respect, many company and misunderstanding of some.

To achieve the dreams not just dream them, we must hard and no thought of reward but in the accomplishment. But best of all is that I always had my teammates running next to me, the same race, which ultimately is the race of all.

LF: Rogelio Castillo meets Wednesday 69, many of them lived next to the Radio. What should concern you a good program manager?

Warn that you work with are not pawns, not less than you are willing talents to achieve the same goals as you: a job well checked, and realized together.

!, Oh and do not forget who is responsible for being the director. If it goes wrong, you did not choose well your team, or did not have the strength to draw from each what to give.
L.F: What is Radio Rogelio Castillo?
What is the water for fish, air for life, heart and the brain for man…

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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