The importance of a word

“The language codes constructed for cultures, so know the specifics of one or more of them favor the exchange and understanding between people of different latitudes,” said Ilian, site translator of the English digital CMKS Radio Trinchera Antiimperialista Guantanamo.

However, the translation of journalistic work is work that leaves nothing to spontaneity. The ability of those who give to the charms of a foreign language, while overlooking their own, it is imposed.

“The translator of a media outlet becomes a journalist’s. Not only is the communication tools to master English, in my case, but apply to the genera without distorting the author’s intent and the characteristics of the communication product. For example, to translate a comment or chronic is very difficult because they are journalistic works made from the opinion of the reporter, and that must be respected, “said the BA in English Language.

Ilian Charon also said the Portal of the Cuban Radio, the language does “offers the possibility to communicate to the world, from the network of networks, the reality of Cuba and Guantanamo.” That is why, while conducting this interview, I thought of the responsibility of men and women who serve as translators.

“Journalist, translator without knowledge is a danger to our society. We are obliged to disseminate a clear and accurate message because there are many people in the world that Cuba criterion form, from our work, “he added.
Perhaps, therefore, when a translator starts working only her whisper is heard in a foreign language. A bit anonymous, perhaps by silent concentration involving the profession, translators are provided to show the value of a well-written or spoken word.

“People know little about the work of translators, many think it is easy but it is not. I love the English language and journalism; so I enjoy both my work and effort to beat me, to increase my vocabulary and ever since my profession, spread the truth of this beautiful island called Cuba “confessed Ilian Charon Lescaille.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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