Falcon´s war

Winner of the International Award “Sound to see” in the category of Information to “The 10 years of Barrio Adentro” journalist Abel Falcon station CMHW Villa Clara, spoke about his beginnings in the middle and trends in these conflicts.

“Those were hard times, young man with more passion than knowledge or experience, misinterpreted, stigmatized. In these circumstances have two choices: give up or continue to waive or insist on your convictions: I insisted against all odds until one day began to understand and I think that this is achieved through honesty, “said outside of the awards at the Havana Convention.

“Twenty years later, it seems that I can be a useful type, a rebel journalist which always will be-because I have always argued that responsible disobedience, but a true journalist, especially for me because I need it public opinion, with a reality that is to be told not to be manipulated and that was my war, “he said.

Barrio Adentro, a Cuban project was very successful in Venezuela addresses the reality of a country right now is in a manipulated media campaign, and you earn just International Radio Festival with a theme related to Venezuela…

“Ten years have met the birth of one of the most altruistic missions that exist in this world: Barrio Adentro, with the complicity of Chavez, with the complicity of Fidel, with the main protagonists who are Venezuelans and Cubans,” he said.

“I was fortunate enough to travel all states of Venezuela. Collect the testimony of these protagonists, including those of the upper class and the Venezuelan opposition that attended the first offices of Cuban doctors and ten years later, with the election victory of Nicolas Maduro, those offices invaded by the politicization of the issue has “clarified also awarded in several sections of the National Radio Festival.

“I accept this award with great pleasure since I have fame that won awards at the expense of the shortcomings of my country, this has nothing to do with domestic problems, but one of the most human stories that are written at this time on the planet, “

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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