The motivations of a Convention of Cuba Broadcasting

Our TV, which celebrates its 64 anniversary this day, is an institution that brings together all public channels and strives for excellence in the design of an increasingly diverse and informative programming.

As the cultural essence of the nation, within the television system is perhaps the greatest medium analyzed in the context of Cuban society, both administrative and population strata and all its institutions, because in addition to stand as the most popular means of communication in our system is the largest potential and intent on building an information strategy and mobilizing the population.

Next to the Cuban Radio Subsystem comprises 97 radio stations, a company producing soap operas, and several related entities such as RTV Commercial, Television is the epicenter of a revolutionary project with the action center formation values that exalt the principles defended by the Cuban Revolution.

The October 24, 1950 opened a new era in the history of the media in Cuba, our TV was among the first who had the Latin America (preceded only by Mexico and Brazil) and in its founding design has a cultural function, education, training and information society.

Like our society, our TV is not perfect, however, in their national approach provides many contributions to the rest of their peers in Latin America and the Caribbean, and its structural Skin exhibits potential and show the world that talent is indisputable today.

Today the Cuban TV has four national chains (two of which specialize in educational matters) 15  T.V communication centers located in each province, and one (Cubavisión International) international landmark, and Mountain Television (in Granma lomerío) ranging in whole system deeply rooted in the formation of patriotic, cultural, ethical and aesthetic values.

The required International Broadcasting Convention

The First International Broadcasting Convention 2014 Cuba closed its doors today after a week of intense days, is a necessity for balancing the creators of our audiovisual media, saying Omar Olazabal its president, is the premise that has our system to exchange on ways to make radio and public television.

The exchange generated by the meeting of televisions and radios around 27 countries with the ways of making those media from Maisí to Cape San Antonio, including the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud has confirmed the role edge that characterized Cuba and broadcast media.

Cuba needed a convention of radio and television creators and technicians of our two media can have a meeting point for analyzing the prospects and the future that lies ahead with the changes of communication in the world, and the inclusion of new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The Palace of Conventions in Havana has emerged as a real hotbed of professions whose common point, the desire to channel the balance towards a TV and Radio, according to the tastes of our society, according to the tastes and integrative intent of our peoples in the region, consistent with changes that presupposes the implementation of a new Economic and Social and Political Model.

The 64 years of the Cuban TV well worth it lasts over time, this Convention Radio and Television, because the future is in the knowledge path, overcoming, cooperation, and exchange. And the Convention is all that and more.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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