Radio and the city today

To which, not to contradict him, I said that I also do watch and yes, there are nights when I spend driving a huge truck to anywhere. I assured him that my soul, in certain mornings, has many more years than me.

In this world where everything around us is going “suggesting” -from a way that passes naturally what to think / say / do, where imagination becomes increasingly sedentary with how easy and convenient it is to see a number , play play station or connect to Facebook instead of reading a book or doing something that depends solely on our creativity -this question letter Monday my mold as those who have no way to answer, but knowing by intuition, Will young people listen the radio today?

I wonder if any of them will use this tool to have on hand as on their own phones. I wonder if it will be as fun as it was for us in high school, expect when Melomania, listen to the program and the way say hi to so and so or twinkie, hang up quickly ring to that so and so or so-and so (dale, run!) tune in the station and listen to the greeting that will speak the next day at school. Do you also laugh when the announcer names wrong, forgets bother when reading or making angry with anybody tuned because in the end it all?

I happen to know of one who, having started several years, many miles away and frequently nostalgic at dawn, still listening through the Internet Jardin en la noche  by Radio Taino. (Of course, no shortage of people looking around as if to say do you really use the internet for that?). For those things in life-and radio, some confess to me than they ever imagined, have come to miss that monorrítmico, informative Clock Radio insistent that infuriated and bed too early, now that grandparents they are no more.

Yes, that melancholy magic that emits the voice of someone who fail to see while you talk is of those things in life-Radio-and, I dare say, which also marks the memory of the times and persons. Do not we remember today once the old image of the tail in that cellar protesting “what people, sir, but what people” and “eeeso estaaamos as estaaamos” before the false jaba plan? Back then it was just not to be put on foot, but we now know that rather than complain, most spoke the same language Radio Progreso.

So I know it will go with me everywhere, wealthy forever in the memory, this custom of an aunt to my surprise has replaced television programming by radio, and now prefer listening to Radio Rebelde  the program Deportivamente Athletically and the radio serial El Tutor in Radio Ciudad de la Habana.. As I also know that my father’s workshop, including both iron nail, wood and tools available, you cannot play anything other than the drops of knowledge, or any issue of Radio Enciclopedia.

Do the radio is not appreciated in this our land as prone to cyclones? He asks my letter and more-would you not thank viewers whose tantrum before the blackout did not want to lose chapter of the soap opera? Does not give away the program A buena hora on Saturday free entry to the expensive bar La zorra y el cuervo? Not humanizes us saving us, especially in the wee hours of the night in this modern arrogance to solve a simple play so we prefer to hear?

Maybe the radio, in the end, is not anything to be so alone. I smiled while remembering that Sunday morning program on Radio Rebelde, where many listeners heard singing on the phone, but fun tune, a fragment of the theme chosen by the announcers. Maybe that’s why on Saturday night for the 93.3 FM sounded jazz and voice of the announcer repeated after several issues the name of a Brazilian jazz, because the radio you never know, anyone can tune in and, when it is, let the city.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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