The challenges in the use of ICT

The inappropriate use of technical advances of man in the past 25 years the use of internet creeps and ICT as tools in unconventional warfare developed especially for the United States.

Venezuela, Syria, Ukraine and Cuba are the main scenarios of using this “resort” for internal subversion and mobilization of the masses by the Obama administration.

This subject occupied the debate news program Haciendo Radio by Radio Rebelde, in which the criteria of Doctor Communication Sciences, Rosa Miriam Elizalde were explanatory to understand the dangers posed by new technologies.

Journalist Angelica Paredes journalist, meanwhile, summed up the military training of American troops when he made reference to a document preparation Special Operations Forces who advocates the use of social networks in the psychological preparation of the people against the government and to accept support from the United States.

But speaking to this professional, the PhD in Communication Sciences, Rosa Miriam Elizalde said that social networks are not themselves social processes means to reverse or governments.

“This instrumental view that putting money into social networks that putting money in these instruments will subvert the process or will change or modify the behavior of people to propitiate certain actions favorable to Washington, is truly absurd” he said.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) spends part of its budget to subvert democratic governments, in the case of Cuba through ZunZuneo, Piramideo programs, among others, listed in Paredes issue.
Meanwhile, in the information space the reporter at Radio Rebelde, Esther Lilian Gonzalez addressed the negative potential of the Internet by infection of computer viruses or threats online, categorized as cyberwarfare.

Rosa Miriam Elizalde, said that “Today the war goes more for the properties of networks for real life. Today the missiles traveling more electronic tracks that airstrips. There has been a reshuffling especially for the US military that attempts to incorporate fewer soldiers in the conflicts of war and put more machines and technologies. “

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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