Happy birthday Martha Jimenez Oropesa

Cubana is it exceedingly popular for over forty years in the lead role of Rita Pranganillo, a character created by master Alberto Luberta for prime Cheers desktop, Radio Progreso, Marta space which lost its name, to be the Rita de Cuba.

And that Marta Jimenez has the gift of being forever in the memory of generations of Cubans, for his charisma and commitment, despite their distance from the sound signals Wave of Joy.

A little history

While still a child, played their first characters. She loved acting, dance, laugh and read.

In this infant stage, sticking his participation in a program in CMX, Radio Lavin, with Mercedes Pinto, a Spanish writer and one of the youngsters of the famous tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Its versatility is tested in numerous dramas enabling it to act in negative roles, but also did commercials, one of the most difficult aspects of interpretation.

On the other hand stepped on the radio program The event today, a kind of red chronicle pseudorepublic it staged the event of the day, as it was sung in tenths Joseíto Fernández with the issue of Guantanamera, which was a great school for its participants by the diversity of characters.

Other highlights in his artistic life undoubtedly were their experiences in the theater and declamation. In the latter he took lessons from a famous teacher at times that there were no teaching techniques of diction, and then became a teacher of teachers.

Now at his home in El Vedado enjoys radio and television, the artistic work of his students who are key figures in the media; including: Irela Bravo, Paula Ali, Magui Castro, Julio Acanda, Natacha Diaz and Carmen Solar.

In these 95 years of life of Marta Jimenez all men and women of Radio Progreso, his brother’s house, wish you good health and happiness to this cheerful woman who always loves tenderly Wave of Joy.


As a gift for his 95 years, Marta Jimenez Oropesa receive the affection of his admirers and friends in a cultural gala to be held Tuesday at the Mella Theater in Havana at 8 and 30 pm. He is also dedicated the radio drama entitled A flower in a beautiful garden recorded by Radio Progreso and aired Saturday November 22 in the main theater space, of that station.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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