ALBA: Legacy of two giants

When that day in 2004, the two leaders signed the charter of the so-called Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, were opening a new page in the future of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Some were not able to assess the profound historical and real significance that had that happened.

But 10 years later, see the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America as a top regional link in the long struggle towards the culmination of the ideals of the Liberator Simon Bolivar and the second independence advocated the Cuban national hero José Martí.

With the creation of the ALBA 10 years ago, Fidel and Chavez raised further the flags of solidarity, sovereignty and regional integration dreamed by the heroes. Both leaders opened a new era of hope for Patria Grande((Spanish: Great homeland, . is a loose political idea of Hispanic American integration.

In his tireless struggle for unification, the leading figures of the Cuban and Bolivarian Revolutions prompted feelings of independence, sovereignty, self-determination and identity, against attempts of domination in the area.

Among his contributions to the creation of ALBA is the imperishable example of dedication to the revolutionary struggle, love for his people and unbreakable will and courage.

To realize the dreams of the founding fathers integrators, Fidel and Chavez made possible unprecedented integrating idea that is gaining ground in the midst of turbulent world wars of aggression, economic crisis and subversive actions.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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