Impact of the XVIII ALBA-TCP in the media world

From the Palace of the Revolution, venue of this memorable summit, about 150 journalists, photographers and cameramen, of 50 press media offered a news coverage to the XII ALBA-TCP Summit (Trade Treaty of the Peoples) held this Sunday and covered he most important news programs.

Some of the most influential communication platforms in the region reported on the speeches of the head of states and representatives of nations, with special attention to the words of the inauguration of the president of the Council of State and Ministers of Cuba, Raul Castro Ruz and president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

Within the media panorama in the world, it highlights the news coverage of the Venezuelan news Agency, Venezolana de Television and multinational channel TelesurTV, meanwhile in its digital websites and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Other press agencies with services for a wide network of media all over the word: Italian ANSA, Spanish EFE, Europa Press and Russia Today, as well as Prensa Latina, reported news replicated in Internet.

Diario Octubre and Tercera Informacion from Spain opened its web sites with a comment on the event that gathered the leaders of this bloc.

Digital newspapers such as Vanguardia Politica from Spanish, La Prensa from Nicaragua, la Nacion from Costa Rica, La Prensa Grafica from El Salvador, El Espectador from Colombia, La Razon Nacional de Bolivia published the impact of the sessions in Havana.

Television channels in the net of networks such as Televisa from Mexico, Hispan TV and Telecinco also included the speeches of the participants in the meeting.

Terra Colombia and Caracol Radio both from South America included in their front pages the news on the tenth anniversary of the integration mechanism and its imprint in Latin America.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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