All our Heroes are Free

The event is an example of how the wisdom and common sense prevailed by the current US administration led by Barack Obama. It is the result of continued international pressure for five men, among the most worthy sons of our country, whose only “crime” was to avoid sabotage in Cuba, prevent loss of life and safeguard the lives of Americans and people other nationalities within and outside their home countries where they may have been targets of terrorism that Miamians factions still advocate hatred. It is fair to mention Latin American solidarity, collaboration of Pope Francis and facilities provided by Canada.

This event which today rejoices and vibrates is also a lesson for history. Both the release of our brothers, the decision to establish diplomatic relations with our country; and the sovereign decision of Cuba to release two CIA ex agents  CIA, one for humanitarian reasons and others, demonstrates how a dialogue with Cuba on equal terms respecting our self-determination and sovereignty is possible. Confirms the inalienable sovereign will of the Cuban government and people and their willingness to address issues of mutual interest to find the best way to live respecting differences.

I remember many years ago Fidel said: Peace with Dignity. And so it is therefore consistent with its principles and the best legacy of their ancestors Cuba holds and maintains.

This December 17, 2014 is an important for the world day is the starting point for a climate of understanding between two nearby countries geographically, which together can collaborate and cooperate for both benefit of their peoples, and of all mankind .

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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