Bailando, Second Most Seen Video Clip in You Tube

Only the song “Dark Horse” by US female artist Katy Perry is over the 208 million reproductions the song “Bailando” had in You Tube, a paradigm in the digital video reproduction sector.

In addition to a sweeping success on a global scale, the song composed by Descemer Bueno, marked a stage of professional growth for Iglesias, since the collaboration with the Cuban gave him three Grammy Latino Awards, laurels which were resisting the Spanish music star for more than 10 years.

“I believe that it has been a magic year in every respect. Humbly we believe that we are in the correct way, I managed to get rid of vices and fears as a singer-songwriter, to reinvent myself and with incredibly talented comrades to work ‘, expressed the Spanish composer and performer.

Another record broken by “Bailando” was of being supported 26 weeks in the list of Hot Latin Songs of the Billboard, which overcame fully the previous record of Colombian Shakira and Spanish Alejandro Sanz for his collaboration.

“The song on the radio, this spectacular video, the collaboration (…) the convergence of nationalities; all that has gone to 26 weeks in the top. They are six months and you do not get tired of listening to it ‘, said Leila Cobo, director of the Latin Billboard.

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