Carpentier: The creative reality of radio is also wonderful

A century and a decade of his birth, glory of Hispanic literature, admire contemplate a figure of his stature to take the radio as a means of broadcasting excellence; even giving it resources and ideas in an effort to give new art category.

Carpentier brought to Cuba from Paris great experiences of radio work, being the dramaturgical aspect that most interest in him, to the point of considering time radio urged to prescriptive. After reading more than once the book Alejo Carpentier and Radio, Oscar Luis López, I came to the conclusion that it was one of the great practical-theoretical radio art, essential to study for an interpretation of the objectives of the medium and resources to achieve them.

One of the aspects that attracted Carpentier was his certainty of the infinite possibilities of radio, imagine the extreme variety of genres hitherto unknown perspectives on the threshold of a medium that just born; therefore at that time with limitations.

In early date for the radio as the December 17, 1933 published in the journal Signs an article entitled “The radio and its new possibilities”, expressing … “is urgent to create a radio Art, a mandatory radio, just as there is a poetic art and literary mandatory. The possibilities are limitless radius. Mil unpublished genres can arise there under. Just approach it with a little imagination and initiative. “

Among other contributions to radio Carpentier has to do with the radial unit. It was for him a constant need for fusion of music – in his dramaturgical dimension -along the text as a whole. He was convinced it unwise resulting non-musical spaces where music is not a function of the text; as well as the necessary search by broadcasters novel sonorities from integrating elements of radio message; was well delivered with full ownership because he practiced radio with rigor and professionalism, and early realized that dramaturgia- from their sounds – can cause numerous effects on the subconscious of each listener.

I think that – more than mention one by one its direct quotes – Best worth a rereading of his views which constitute itself prescriptive principles to be applied in our country according to the realities and public each time, and depending on the target specific to each space. It is a sincere appeal primarily to those new to this medium and to those men and women who dream of the idea of exercise a day. Let’s start with the book I wrote Oscar Luis López to reveal the concerns of a universal Cuban commemorate the anniversary 110 now. Endeavor now in this reading is a good way to celebrate.

Precursor of magical realism in literature, Carpentier taught us that creative reality of radio is also wonderful.

Translated by: Daysi Olano fernandez


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