Stella Calloni sends letter to the Five Heroes

Calloni states that each day lived beloved Cuba Five heroes and Our America since his arrest, was transformed by them in a day of struggle, resistance, dignity, courage and revolutionary love.

Argentina highlights the prominent intellectual in his message that the struggle of the Cuban Five and the spirit of the new man that lives inspired the demand for freedom and justice, which emerged even in the remotest corners of the world.

Calloni honors in her words to those who created the first committee of solidarity with the Five, to the lawyers who defended and personalities of American culture that supported them.

The words of the president of the Argentine Club of Journalists Friends of Cuba, Stella Calloni, targeting Cuban Five, antiterrorist highlight those inspired one of the most intense solidarity movements, which broke the massive disinformation against the heroic people and Cuban Revolution.

Remember Calloni who dreamed every day the return, Commander Fidel Castro; and President Raul Castro and each of the leaders and the people, in every place of Cuba.

Share with them all-from the distance – this unique moment that is recorded so few days to celebrate the arrival of the heroes of the Sierra Maestra to Havana, highlighted in his letter Argentina intellectual.

They are days of joy for resistance for 56 years against terrorism surely that failed, as President Barak Obama said, positive results, Calloni stated.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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