Cuba to celebrate with joy the 56 anniversary of the Revolution

Cuba 2014 we released him with an international major activity to be held in Havana Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC); organization in its diversity brings together all the nations of the hemisphere from the south of the Rio Grande to Patagonia and the whole Caribbean archipelago. The CELAC is a foretaste of Bolivar’s dream materialized in its genesis through the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Treaty of Commerce of the People (ALBA-TCP), whose first decade also celebrate with a summit in the capital of all Cubans during the month of December. Just a week before, our capital city arrived at the 495 anniversary of its foundation, became the headquarters of the V Summit of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) another mechanism of regional integration. Similarly Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Unit against the economic blockade unilaterally imposed on Cuba by the US administration of John F. Kennedy. In a special ALBA-TCP, Cuba took a step forward again sending a medical contingent to fight the epidemic of Ebola in Africa, supporting again humanistic caring culture without importing borders, ideologies or risks.

The great moment came on December 17 when President Raul Castro announced the return of our brothers Gerardo, Ramón and Tony who kept unjustly imprisoned in US jails. That afternoon happiness gripped the hearts of a people who for more than a decade clamored for the return of his brothers. Along with the happy announcement our President informed the decision of the United States and Cuba to restore diplomatic relations and initiate a dialogue on issues of mutual interest on the basis of attachment to respect for the sovereignty of both countries.

Still remains true that the genocidal blockade law despite the courage and willingness of President Barak Obama, because its repeal is the prerogative of the United States Congress. It is a diplomatic and moral struggle to take both the Cuban people, the current US executive, the healthy forces of the great neighboring nation and international pressure.

Anyhow, today sees a way for the Florida peninsula, closer to Cuba from US territory arm point from becoming a friend of our beloved country. Much we can do from a respectful friendship and collaboration by the two peoples and for all mankind.

Besides the important victories at the international level, Cuba accepts the challenges on the domestic demand compliance with all guidelines of the Sixth Congress of the PCC, particularly in regards to updating our economic model, projection will ensure a prosperous Socialism and sustainable. We are facing a domestic economic battle that inevitably has its starting point a change of mentality. It’s the only way, drawn by the revolutionary leadership, give definitive solution to our inefficiencies.

Urge creative thinking, stripped of stereotypes, prejudices and schemes in the coming years we achieve economic boom and development without unacceptable shock therapy; helpless without leaving a single Cuban or Cuban; without forgetting the conquests of the Revolution.

The economic and socialist and sustainability are important words for this New Year. Now without pressure on the outside and our brothers back home definitely corresponds dump all energies on solving our internal weaknesses – objective and subjective – cardinal goal that through honest and creative work we promote progress both as wellness material and spiritual that only socialism can give us, as Marti dreamed, “With All and for the Good of All”.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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