Eduardo Rosillo the unforgettable icon of the radio in Cuba

Eduardo Rosillo was a creator of the word, born on February 20, 1929 in La Maya municipality of Alto Songo, Santiago de Cuba, had an upward trajectory in the radio medium from the decade of the 40s His imprint is present in CMKT and CMKC until 1957 when fleeing persecution of the repressive forces of the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista he moved to Havana.

He earned a living by loudspeakers announcing pharmacies advertising, poultry, taxi ranks. He went to the National Revolutionary Police where he offered guidance transit the capital’s streets, later he joined the station CMQ until he reached the station Radio Progreso, radial plant that identifies with his distinctive voice and style.

“Un Domingo con Rosillo,” “Alegrias de Sobremesa “, “La Discoteca del Ayer” are symbols of our radio programs all had driving the famed announcer who was the main protagonist of the promotion of several groups of Cuban Popular Music and an avid researcher and charismatic roots of our sound.

The phrases “friends Aragonísimos days” to present the orchestra Aragon, promoting the work of Benny Moré in the Cuban Radio, and famous bands like Los Van Van, La Monumental, Karachi, Charanga Habanera, Young Son Classics Pacho Alonso and then Pachito Alonso y sus Kini-Kini and hundreds of musical groups owe their primeval promotion and popularity thanks to the tireless work of Eduardo Rosillo Heredia.

Eduardo Rosillo has seen time in the Radio and its mark in radio studies of the Revolution after 1959 will have earned the title of “master” speakers and presenters who see its path a symbol and guided by professionalism, simplicity and mastery.

In the neighborhood of Key West, popular artery Havana´s idiosyncrasy, Eduardo Rosillo Heredia, was the most fervent cultural promoter, and its space as creator led him to found in their family and among his neighbors, la Peña “La Casa del Son” which has given rise to various audiovisual proposals for the contribution that provides entertainment and the rescue of Cuban musical values, from our neighborhoods, an initiative which won the “Premio Nacional del Barrio”, awarded by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).

Rosillo, as everyone called him, was recognized on many occasions between them: The Replica of the Machete of General Maximo Gomez, the Distinction for National Culture, the microphone of the Cuban Radio, the Alejo Carpentier Medal, the Order Felix Varela, Microphone Gold Feria de Cali, Colombia, the dreams and Voice Award, conferred by the president of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television broadcasters with more than 50 years in the profession, and the National Radio Award 2002.

During his long professional resume infinities received awards as a broadcaster, director and producer of programs. On the Work of his entire life is considered “master”.

“I live and breathe on the radio and the radio,” he said last October 16 this reporter the famous announcer during a meeting with young doers of the medium, the stand “Sonido para ver ” on the occasion of the Convention Radio and Television, Havana 2014, from which we publish unpublished images because Eduardo Rosillo is and will be forever “Radio Icon in Cuba”.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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