Caibarién, land of dialogue and ideas between coastal stations

Undoubtedly, Caibarién, a region in northern Villa Clara, became the land of dialogue and discussion among the radio stations in coastal areas of Cuba, and reflections between radio professionals influenced what this type of stations you can contribute to the National Radio Subsystem future short, medium and long term.

This memorable December stations within the coastal immersed in a process of consolidation and improvement, a process which had a particularly significant event held in Caibarién last November.

The exchange with the representation of the staff  of “Mar y Pesca”  magazine enhanced progress in the projection of a higher quality programming with a higher interest marine-related treatment and protection of the environment.

The island country is Cuba, from 10 to 13 November was able to strengthen its programming, with an eye toward an edge of vital interest, the protection of biodiversity and the geographical environment in which we live as human beings, transformers my “Infinite Island”.

Coastal stations are those that are located in places where the sea and the associated dynamics is a fundamental or significant element in their daily reality and as such this is reflected in its programming.

In Cuba, the 96 stations that make up the radio system, 40 are coastal, which is a fact of significant importance in terms of quantity and quality.

They with the sea as a common element, its territories, and therefore their designs programming are representative of dissimilar realities: Big cities, small communities, industrial areas, major port areas, resorts, protected areas, etc., traditions, history, different idiosyncrasies, all of which generate a diverse and rich universe.

In these 40 radio stations signals exist a long radio tradition, along with other emerged in more recent times, and different transmission times, around which are grouped a cluster of filmmakers with different experiences and ways of doing.

Being able to share different ways on how to treat representative aspects of interest related to the sea was highly profitable, which directly contributes to improving the performance and contents of these entities, which by their number and geographical distribution constitute Indeed representative of the Cuban Radio.

Of great interest and practical value were experiences shared in their respective presentations by Radio Sandino, in the province of Pinar del Rio, La Voz del Litoral, in Mayabeque, Radio Gibara in Holguin and Radio Sagua and Radio Caibarien, in Villa Clara.

The emissions related to sea issues by Radio Coral, in province of Santiago de Cuba, Radio Sandino in Pinar del Río, Radio and Radio Sagua Caibarien, Villaclara, Radio Ciudad del Mar, Cienfuegos, Radio Caribe , in the special municipality of Isle of Youth as well as Radio Portada de la  Libertad in the province of  Granma, were very positive.

This coming 2015, will be an interactive forum whose theme is Women and its relationship with the sea, which will complement the meeting held this year, and from now thought to assume the practice of alternating meetings and interactive forums for continuity the linkages between these stations as necessary.

The meeting of Caibarién represented a transcendent moment of coastal stations, as the radial system returned a necessary event is projected on the quality of programming for many of our radio stations.

Year 2014 ends with commendable results and the real possibility of a promising future for this group of stations.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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