The caravan that announced the victory

And indeed, the caravan of the rebel army that had left Santiago de Cuba on January 2, arrived in the capital as a symbol of victory. Fidel, in front of the bearded, announced to the people that the revolution had triumphed and Batista with his crimes, fled forever.

After two years in the Sierra Maestra, where he fought more with strong ideas armor weaponry, victory was certain and definitive. For each people who spent Freedom Ride, on their way to Havana, people rushed on tanks and “jeeps” bearded loaded.

Those men face tired for so many days of continuous combat could not hold back tears at the reception of the people. Regardless of age, race, or social castes, a mixture of people threw euphoric about vehicles, to kiss her rescuers necklaces or just touch those uniforms, frayed by so much shrapnel and weeds.
They were his heroes, those of Cuba, among so painfully advancing crowd down to Columbia, where Fidel spoke to his people, free for the first time.

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