Media from around the world share pictures of Fidel

Newspapers opinion leaders in their countries – and others with influence beyond its borders reported the news, including El Pais, Spain; El Universal, Mexico; The Nation of Argentina; El Heraldo, of Colombia; The World Reason, of Bolivia; as well as influential media conglomerates of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) UK and Clarín, Argentina.

Other media took the information from the cast of international agencies for their covers and links to content such as Reuters, AFP, Notimex, Prensa Latina, ANSA, Europa Press, Russia Today, among others.

The digital versions of print publications, both provincial and local character in different regions of the world, echoed the experience narrated by the president of the FEU at UH, Randy Garcia Perdomo for the Cuban newspaper Juventud.

Spain stands out as one of the countries with the highest coverage to news of the meeting of more than three hours between Fidel and Perdomo; on their digital sites highlighted the Vanguard, Vozpópuli, 20 minutes International newspaper, Europasur, Journal of Ibiza and Formentera, America economica, Bizkaia Deia-news, news Navarra, La Mañana de Córdoba; Informative Telecinco and one of the largest broadcasters in the Iberian Peninsula.

Argentina and Mexico also included a gallery of 21 photos and text fragments authored by Perdomo, including, infonews,, Journal reported, Telam World, panorama Journal, Time San Juan; moreover, the Millennium North and SDP Mexican news.

“For all crave saberle Cuba”, announced some covers accompanied by images of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution with the FEU president at UH. That is the example of media in Latin America: the multinational Telesur TV; 24 Hours and The World Desk, Chile; ABC Color, Paraguay; Digital Journal nuestropaís, of Costa Rica; RPP News and Trade World, Peru; Radio Caracol of Colombia; RMC, of Uruguay; News update, Venezuela and World YVKE Today, in Venezuela.

Also the media of Panama and some of the United States, the RT in Spanish and Russian Sputnik World and Radio France International and Euronews, published information, with joy reflected in all stations, newspapers, websites and informational programs of Cuban television.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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