Cuban civil society that recognizes and supports the Obama administration

“I hope there are no restrictions for non-governmental organizations in our country, which obviously have no interested in having any status in the OAS but are recognized by the UN,” he told leaders and personalities, and he said:

“I hope to see in Panama popular movements and NGOs that advocate for nuclear disarmament, environmentalists, against neoliberalism, the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy region, university and secondary students, farmers, unions , indigenous communities, organizations that oppose pollution schist, advocates for the rights of immigrants, denouncing torture, extrajudicial killings, police brutality, racist practices, claiming for women equal pay for equal work, which require compensation for damage to the transnational companies”.

Undoubtedly, for this type of representation no US President Barack Obama has referred, when the December 17 last in announcing the decision of his government and of Cuba to begin to work towards restoring diplomatic relations, said that for the Summit of the Americas “insist that civil society will join us to be citizens, not just the leaders, that constitute our future”.

Was referring to the opposition forces of progressive governments of the continent, particularly the Cuban and Bolivarian revolution, whose institutional proceedings against the United States has launched all kinds of arsenal and subversive campaigns for the sake of his overthrow precisely using the so-called dissidents: mercenaries, stateless persons and representatives of the most reactionary sectors, clear expression of Washington’s meddling in the destiny of our people.

For them that is the true civil society, in the interests of no doubt, in his speech on December 17, 2014 Obama himself confirmed that continue to support in Cuba.

So it should not surprise the “breakfast” on Friday January 23 last had in Havana, Under Secretary of State for Latin America, Roberta Jacobson, a group of dissidents.

“The meeting was very cordial, are pleased with this meeting. I cannot speak for all Cuban civil society, but I am satisfied with the American diplomatic position and American democracy in all its plural sense, “he told the French news agency, AFP, Elizardo Sanchez, leader of the so-called Cuban Rights Commission human. No comments.

The Jacobson own, told the television network Univision, said the issue of human rights is perhaps the most difficult to solve in improving relations between the US and Cuba, and in that sense considered the interest of “working and contact us with the widest possible people in civil society in Cuba “.

Of course that ignores or fails to recognize that it’s here up over 2200 organizations, among which are those of social and mass, scientific and technical, cultural and artistic associations, sports, friendship and solidarity and any other operating under the Associations Act (Act 54) and recognized in Article 7 of the Cuban Constitution.

For its broad membership, representativeness and ability to mobilize, the Cuban political system guarantees these non-governmental organizations broad powers and ability prepositional, consultation, review and decision, in the exercise of participatory democracy.

Too bad that meeting with Roberta Jacobson does not invite some of them can bring much-and show- how much has made and continues to make the revolution on human rights, human benefit, even in the midst of criminal US blockade against our people.

And there is no deception, as suggested by The New York Times on December 27, 2014, US diplomacy would be pushing for Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and the president of Brazil, DilmaRousseff, invite Cuban dissidents to the Summit of the America, to be held in coming April in Panama City.

Raul already warned at the Third Summit of CELAC: “US government spokesmen have been clear in specifying that now methods change, but not the objectives of the policy, insisting acts of interference in our internal affairs we will not to accept. The US counterparts should not be proposed relate with Cuban society in Cuba as if there were a sovereign government”.

Amen irreconcilable differences on human rights, civil society and other issues between the two countries, it is time for Washington to pay attention to the just demands of the Greater Antilles in order to advance towards the restoration of relationships, not only diplomatic.

Because with lock, intrusion on our sovereignty, with laws such as the Cuban Adjustment and subversive campaigns is very difficult to achieve this purpose, for the good of the Cuban and American peoples, and why not ?, also the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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