Aid reaches Syria neighbourhoods for first time in 2 years

The camp, which was originally home to more than 200,000 Palestinian refugees, was recently overrun by fighters from the terrorist group ISIL.

Stephanie Coutrix reports.

Humanitarian aid was delivered to families who fled Yarmouk camp to three locations, Yalda, Babila and Beit Saham.

They’re located about 10 kilometers south of Damascus.

It’s the first time UNICEF has been able to access this area for the past two years.

Christophe Boulierac is a UNICEF spokesperson.

“The humanitarian needs in these areas are dire. Water sources are contaminated and require treatment before distribution. Only 20 per cent of the wells are functioning while electricity is only available for one hour/day. There is only one doctor in the area compared to 500 before the crisis.”

Community leaders expressed the need for safe water, diapers, the rehabilitation of schools, medical care and food.


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