New Earthquake in Nepal

The earthquake was felt throughout the north region of India and Bangladesh, and there have been some aftershocks after it.

As a result of that earthquake of which its epicenter was located, according to the Geological Service from the United Nation, up to some 76 kilometers from that nation´s capital city in Kamandu where there were around 29 people who passed away, the IANS agency reported.

Likewise, there were at least ten people, who died as a consequence of the earthquake in the Bihar state from India which is a bordering one with Nepal.

The new seismic movement struck Nepal two weeks later after an earthquake devastated that region.

In Chautara city, which is located to the east of Katmandu, there have been bodies being taken away the bodies from the ruins and the injured ones are being transported to the hospital.

Although there is not official information from the Nepalese authorities about the victims, the United Nations International Migrations Organization (IOM) confirmed to the Reuter news agency that there have been at least four victims in Chautara city.

“It was felt as a really intense one. I felt that it was lasting some 25 seconds, the birds began to caw and the buildings were shaking.” Simon Cox, who was the BBC journalist in Katmandu, said.

“There was an aftershock and everyone went out to the street. That aftershock added lots of anxiety and panic. The people began to cry.”

The risk

According to the AP news agency, there have been hundreds of children who have been forced to go to camps since they lost their houses in the middle of the powerful earthquake that shook Nepal last month.

“There have been some of them who are facing the risk about being exploited, abused or being even victims of the people trafficking.” Nepalese authorities and some groups working for the childhood´s rights, said.

Namuna Bhusal, who is from the government´s Central Board for the Well-being of Childhood, said on Tuesday that the minors are exposed to many risks in those settlements where the people are forced to live by sharing tents and space.

There have been some messages broadcast on the radio in which the local people have been warned about not leaving their children without a proper surveillance, as well as being attentive to possible suspicious people in the camps.

The earthquake that took place on April 25th killed over 8.150 people and caused more than 17.860 injured people. It devastated some highland towns completely, and it destroyed buildings and tourist place.


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