Sensitivity for the Environment

It is a celebration that over the years grew to become global platform involving more than 100 countries.

The MSC. Ernesto Mastrapa, specialist Information and Technology Management Center (CIGET) from the city of Holguin, said it also serves as a “day people” to do something positive for the environment, by linking individual actions in a collective force generate a positive exponential impact on the planet.

He said that the welfare of humanity, the environment and economic performance ultimately depends on the responsible management of natural resources of the planet. However, people still consume far more natural resources than the planet can sustainably provide.

Many of the ecosystems on Earth are approaching their limit of exhaustion and irreversible change, driven by population growth and economic development point.

For year 2050, announced Mastrapa, if current patterns of consumption and a growing world population and then 9000 will be around 600 million, about three planets to maintain current lifestyles and consumption.

Eating in moderation means to live taking into account the limits of the planet to ensure a healthy future where all our dreams can come true. Prosperity does not have to be a cost to the Earth.

Living sustainably means doing more with less. It is know that the current rates of use of natural resources and environmental impacts of these are not to be indispensable part of economic development.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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